Traveler Forms

One of the main reasons Access Healthcare was created was to give nurses the absolute “bang for their buck”. As travel nurses we noticed there was a substantial gap between what we were being paid and what our agency was being paid. Crazy right? Considering we were doing all the work! With that being said, we aim to pay our nurses absolute top dollar.  We aren’t in this to make it big, we are in it to make a difference.

Our nurses are paid weekly on Friday morning but are expected to turn in their timesheets by noon on Tuesday for processing. We offer direct deposit as a perk and this will be set up prior to the start of your contract and be effective the first week.

We are in the process of setting up an online portal for our nurses to view their paychecks. In the meantime please bear with us as they are still mailed to your home!

Fingerprinting and Child Abuse

Our Pennsylvania Nurses are required to be fingerprinted prior to beginning a position at any facility. This process can be confusing but no worries! Our credentialing specialist are here to help you along the way. You will also be required to complete a Child Abuse Clearance. Below are links to the websites. The code for fingerprinting is 1KG756.

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