Meet the Team

Mark Aquilino, Chief Operating Officer

I started with Access in November of 2019 when there were only 6 of us here at the company. I began in the Accounting department, working 10 hours a week creating invoices in QuickBooks and formed a close relationship with Danielle and Diego. I was able to bring over 10 years of management experience to the team and began building out each department,  helping to grow our internal structure one employee at a time!

Since 2019, we have hired dozens of new employees and pushed the boundaries of what is possible for this organization. I am now the Chief Operating Officer and weave through each department behind the scenes, helping us maintain our growth pattern and achieve our goals each and every day.

I am passionate about my family, consisting of my wife and our 3 young daughters. Each day with them is filled with love and laughter and they are the most important thing to me. I also thoroughly enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors!

My goal is to help Access Healthcare push beyond the $100M mark and establish us as a top 5 Staffing Agency in the entire country!

I am located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and a Fun Fact about me is that I once spent 5 weeks backpacking through 8 different countries in Europe for my 1st anniversary. I am Italian and got to spend 2 weeks in Italy during this trip, eating some of the most amazing food you could imagine. After Italy, we flew to Greece and even after 2 weeks in Italy, the food in Greece was the best food I have ever had in my life!