In the Spotlight: October 2022

  • Christianne (Yhaniee) Cea – Credentialing Specialist
  • Kori Hahn – Payroll Specialist
  • Kayla George – Senior Recruiter

What is something new or interesting that you learned recently?
Yhaniee: Cockroaches can live for several weeks without its head or even being reborn. That’s why in the Philippines, Filipinos would smash them with their slippers multiple times to make sure they were dead. LOL
Kori: The percentage of rain doesn’t predict the chances of rain. Instead, it means a certain percentage of the forecasted area will see rain—so if you see a 40% chance, it means 40% of the forecasted area will see rainfall.
Kayla: Recently, I have learned new nutrition tips and tricks with my nutrition coach to help me become a more healthier individual.

You are chosen to redecorate Access Healthcare’s conference room. What color do you paint the walls and what accessories go in the room and on the walls?
Yhaniee: I would paint the walls white or gray with an accent wall of wood design. It would look neat and tidy for a conference room.
Kori: If we are sticking with our colors, I would do white shiplap on the walls, have an accent wall as black (or chalkboard paint) and accessorize with all things yellow.
Kayla: For Access, I would choose pastel colors and neutral/soft accent décor/accessories to create a chill and relaxing vibe!

Chronologically you are an adult. What is something that makes you feel like a little kid all over again?
Yhaniee: Re-watching Disney movies and cartoons. It kinda feels nostalgic to me.
Kori: Christmas! I love Christmas and spending time with my family. Santa is real!
Kayla: Ice cream and puppies! The joy that overcomes my heart when I see either one makes me question my age.

We are all at a party and meeting in person for the first time. Tell us about yourself in three sentences or less.
Yhaniee: I’m shy but I’m really talkative nonstop if you get to know me. My life is food. I love to explore places I’ve never been to.
Kori: I am shy until I get to know you. My family and friends mean the world to me, and I love spending as much time with them as I can. I love a challenge and always wanting to learn new things.
Kayla: I live in an area of Indiana where you see more corn than you do people and my best friend is a dog named Tucker (Don’t tell Mindy).

Lightning round:

Coffee or tea?
Yhaniee: Coffeeeeeeeeee!
Kori: Depends on the day and time. White Mocha Frap or unsweetened tea
Kayla: I like both! But I’d choose an iced coffee!

Favorite non-work activity?
Yhaniee: SLEEP!
Kori: Hanging out with friends/family and golfing.
Kayla: Hiking and biking are my go to thanks to my adventurous boyfriend.

Access Healthcare is hiring celebrities to work in your department. Who do you want to work alongside of you?
Yhaniee: I have too many to mention, but I’m currently watching House of the Dragons, so I would choose Milly Alcock. I’m super into her character on the show LOL
Kori: Never really been one to have favorites, but I think Blake Shelton would be hilarious. Sorry to all the people that would want to be paid.
Kayla: Jennifer Lawrence or Tiffany Haddish for sure – could you imagine how fun work would be?

What are you grateful for today?
Yhaniee: I’m grateful that I’m alive and breathing, and that my loved ones are safe and well.
Kori: I’m beyond grateful for my family and friends as well as the community I live in. This past weekend was a testimony to that.
Kayla: I am grateful to see another day, take my pup for his morning walk, have a job that pays the bills for the roof over my head, having friends and family I can always count on, and specifically today, coffee.

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