In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: March 2023

  • Josephine Smith – CEO – AH International
  • Gus Astilla – Director of Operations – AH International
  • Asli Tabaru – Recruiter

If you could see yourself through the eyes of somebody else for a moment, which person would that be and why?
Josephine: Honestly I don’t see myself with anybody. I create my own destiny; I am who I am.
Gus: Through the eyes of my dad to know and learn if I turned out better or worse than how I see myself in my own eyes.
Asli: My cats. I think it would be pretty funny to see myself from their perspective. A big dumb cat who feeds and snuggles them. It would be entertaining.

How do you get motivated for difficult tasks?
Josephine: I always go back to my core “why”, to the reasons why I do these things. Challenging tasks become bearable when you anchor them on your personal motivations.
Gus: My family gets me motivated.
Asli: I remind myself that we are humans living on a floating rock orbiting in the middle of space and things seem less difficult. Then I get ‘er done.

What would you do if you had a fully paid year-long break from work?
Josephine: I have an 87-year old mother I will be spending quality time with her and continue giving community service.
Gus: Go on a cruise with the family to visit all 7 continents through all 5 oceans.
Asli: I would travel and sleep a lot more! I would love to visit my ancestral country, Turkey, and see family I’ve never met. I want to travel to learn more about different cultures and recipes.

It is your first day on the job as an evil villain in a new comic book story. What name do you go by and what is the first piece of mischief you commit?
Josephine: I’d be “Jazz Danz” and every single person I’ll be passing by will be dancing and grooving helplessly.
Gus: Nightshade Deamonne and steal the crown jewels.
Asli: My villain name would be Susava. It’s a play on words for “war of water” in Turkish. I’m not sure what my first crime would be, but I would fend off my enemies using water bending abilities and having a sea creature army.

Lightning round:

Do you work in total silence or have music on? (If music is on, what are you listening to?)
Josephine: It depends upon my mood; I do both and if my music is on, I love listening to a gentle, relaxing kind of music – makes me more focused and productive.
Gus: Music on! Brand new Heavies.
Asli: Silence. Music is distracting for me – I’ll want to sing and dance!

Favorite comedian?
Josephine: I can spend an entire time weekend for a Melissa McCarthy movie marathon.
Gus: Rex Navarrete!
Asli: Dave Chappelle. He’s very funny and has wonderful story telling.

You have been given an opportunity to walk the red carpet at the Oscars in Hollywood. Who is escorting you and what does your outfit look like?
Josephine: Definitely it will be my son Jomar and I will be wearing a Filipiniana, a traditional Filipina costume that symbolizes the pride, strength and the willingness of a Filipina to fight for a freedom and right.
Gus: My wife in a Monique Lhullier gown and me in a Francis Libiran suit.
Asli: I am escorting myself! And my outfit would remind you of sunshine. Not sure how, just gold and glamorous and shiny and bright and awe striking.

What do you want your legacy to reflect?
Josephine: I don’t know why I get emotional with this question. With my family, I want to be remembered that I did the best that I could. For my friends, loved ones, patients and colleagues: someone that made a difference in their lives for the better, kind and generous, not monetary specifically but for making them feel loved, sharing time, care, and being compassionate from the heart.
Gus: A legacy of trying to help Filipinos to reach their dreams.
Asli: I want to be known for kindness and generosity. Generosity doesn’t have to be monetary. You can be generous with time, empathy, and resources. I want to be remembered for making a positive impact on others.

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