In the Spotlight: July 2022

Kelly Bowersox – Accounts Receivable ~ Ariel Ashby – Executive Assistant ~ May De Guzman – Credentialing Specialist

What is an unusual or weird fact that you happen to know?

Kelly: Female cats can put themselves in and out of heat when they want; they do not need to have a minimum number of days between cycles.
Ariel: Bees can’t fly in the dark! They literally plummet to the ground. Google it.
May: I love chocolate, so I could never forget that white chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa particles (to me it’s like fake chocolate).

If you could compete in any Olympic sport, which would it be?

Kelly: Shooting
Ariel: Gymnastics
May: Softball! That’s the only sport I knew…lol

You are at a make-your-own sundae bar (yay, ice cream!) Which toppings do you choose?

Kelly: I can never pick just one. Hot fudge/caramel/peanuts all over chocolate ice cream.
Ariel: I’m pretty simple. I want vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.
May: More chocolate syrup.
Hollywood called and they want you to star in a movie with a famous actor/actress. Who would you want to be your costar?
Kelly: Roger Rabbit – it would be fun to be a cartoon!!!
Ariel: Angelina Jolie in an action film!
May: Sandra Bullock!

Lightning round:

Crossword or jigsaw puzzles?

Kelly: Crossword
Ariel: Crossword
May: Jigsaw puzzles

Favorite song that you can listen to over and over again?

Kelly: I don’t have just one. I love Bryan Adams – Bare Bones Tour – it is my go-to for road trips. I listen for hours.
Ariel: “How Will I Know” – Whitney Houston
May: “Day One” by Honne

Category on “Jeopardy” that I would do really well in?

Kelly: M*A*S*H Episode Antics
Ariel: Harry Potter for 500, please
May: 4-Letter Words

A genie appears and will grant you one wish of any kind; what do you wish for?

Kelly: To own our family homestead where my grandfather was born and my dad was raised.
Ariel: 1 billion tax free and legally obtained US dollars
May: Please grant me unlimited wishes…lol

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