In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: February 2023

  • Princess Capps – Compliance Manager
  • Dani Pellegrini – Training Specialist
  • Angelica Salera – Recruiter

What is an easy way to do something nice for someone?
Princess: When someone pops up in your mind, text them and let them know you were thinking about them.
Dani: Let someone know how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them.
Angelica: Smile at them. You can never tell on the surface if someone is having a bad day and initiating something as small as a smile, while getting them to smile back, can sometimes make all the difference.

If your car had personalized vanity plates, what would they say?
Princess: I’ve seen “PRINCESS” as someone’s plates before, but I wouldn’t choose that because I’m not agreeable with the connotation it presents. My maiden name is “Mendoza” and I’ve joked before that I’d have “STILL DOZA” in all CAPPS. Get it?!?!
Dani: YOLO (You Only Live Once)
Angelica: I have had them in the past LOL!! They said “GELBEL”.

Speaking of cars, the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” is going to transport you to the time period of your choice. Where are you going to and why?
Princess: Summer of 1995, right after I graduated from high school. Very enjoyable, defining time in my life.
Dani: The future but just temporarily. I’m curious to know what the world will be like during 2100-2200 time period.
Angelica: I would love to go back to the 1940’s (post war time LOL, so roughly 1946!) I love that era and their ways of life then definitely intrigue me! I definitely think times were simpler back then!

The movie that best defined my generation is__________?
Princess: GOONIES
Dani: The Sandlot
Angelica: Toy Story

Lightning round:

Favorite childhood bedtime story?
Princess: LOVE YOU FOREVER by Robert Munsch. While I can’t remember being read to as a child, I read this to Niko and it always gets me.
Dani: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Angelica: Anything DISNEY!

Movie, concert or sports event?
Princess: Concerts are always funner and the memories last forever.
Dani: Movieee!
Angelica: Movie (if it’s including dinner!)

Guacamole or salsa?
Princess: GUAC
Dani: Guacamole
Angelica: GUAC!

What I value most in a friendship is_________?
Princess: Integrity
Dani: Honesty
Angelica: Trust!

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