In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: December 2022

  • Marigold (M) Sumaoang – Recruiter
  • Tamara Lloyd – Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Elizabeth (Biz) Moore – Recruiter

What is one thing you do to get motivated each day?
M: Given that not everyday is a good day, I try my best to find meaning and enjoy every minute of what I do. It will make challenging tasks a bit lighter.
Tamara: Thankfully I don’t have to “do” anything in particular. I enjoy the challenge accounting brings; it’s like solving a riddle or a puzzle everyday…work is my boardgame.
Biz: I wake up early and go to the gym in the mornings before work. It helps me get active and stay concentrated throughout the day.

Your friends are visiting from out of town and have asked you to show them around. As their tour guide, where are you taking them and why?
M: For me the best place to visit in Davao is the Island Garden City of Samal. Here they’ll find Davao’s most pristine beaches; these places will give them the relaxation they need while enjoying a great view of the ocean and great food!
Tamara: Depending on time, it’s either Niagara Falls or Alexandria Bay. Niagara Falls because it’s a wonder. If they have a passport I will take them to an amazing restaurant on the Canadian side and come back by the Falls at night with the colored lights. Alexandria Bay because I love the castles. So we take a nice boat cruise and see Boldt Castle and Singer Castle.
Biz: Probably Yorktown, VA or Williamsburg, VA. They are both very historical towns with a lot of things to do and explore.

My best “when I was your age” story is________.
M: When I was your age, the only way to access the internet was in an Internet Shop (Cyber Café) or by disrupting the telephone calls because we were using a dial-up connection.
Tamara: I live in the world of technology, so generally it’s something to do with having to use dial up internet, actually having to remember phone numbers or the way we had to “google” something was to go to the library and read an encyclopedia.
Biz: When I was your age the only entertainment we had was outside with a water hose.

What is your favorite part about working from home?
M: I get to be with my family and no longer need to commute!
Tamara: Everything lol, but maybe having my own bathroom or getting that extra half an hour of sleep.
Biz: My favorite part about working from home is how convenient it is. It allows me to spend more time with my husband who is in the military and it allows me to have a stable job every time we move.

Lightning round:

If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?
M: I would strive to be famous for my resilience.
Tamara: Nothing never…OMG the thought of being famous is traumatizing. I am a true introvert. I do not like cameras or being the center of attention.
Biz: Singing.

Favorite childhood board game?
M: Snake and Ladder
Tamara: Probably chess; I used to play that with my father.
Biz: Trouble or Connect4

Chocolate or candy?
M: Chocolate — milk chocolate to be precise!
Tamara: Umm, if I HAVE to choose, chocolate, but I prefer both lol.
Biz: Candy.

What made you smile today?
M: I found my favorite Cinderella movie on Disney+ earlier — EVER AFTER! Something to rewatch over the upcoming weekend.
Tamara: Many things. Some jokes with the coworkers, funny stuff in what I’m listening to while working, the memories brought back by answering these questions. Life in general makes me smile.
Biz: Getting my paycheck.

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